Fight peacefully like Martin Luther King, Jr.!

As the world celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr Day on Monday, I remembered the field trip that I coached just a week ago. Fifth-graders were asked to write a poem about the dreams for their future. And how noble and ambitious they were! One student wanted to stop animal abuse and all anger in the world, another one said she would be happy if only all bullying stopped. A shy girl who had been quiet all morning, volunteered to read her poem at the end of the class. She wrote that she wanted to fight for civil rights when she grows up. Because this country isn’t free yet…Such a deep thought for a 10y.o.! Sadly, she is right. There is still inequality, racism, people are being shot every day even though there isn’t any war. That girl later confessed that Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired her because he fought PEACEFULLY and used words as his weapon in order to change the world he lived in…
Kids like these are, without a doubt, our brighter future!
Here is the girl’s poem: